Quality Control

Radiant Pharmaceuticals Limited

A renowned healthcare solution provider in Bangladesh

Quality Control facilities

Radiant Pharmaceuticals Limited owns full-fledged quality control laboratory, which is separated from production facility and has well-equipped physical lab, chemical lab and microbiological lab. Sample analysis and environmental monitoring are performed by a group of people having years of experiences in pharmaceutical product analysis, strong work skill, habits of good document practice with data integrity, mutual respect, qualification in pharmacy, chemistry, microbiology, biological science disciplines and commitment to analyze the materials and products with data integrity.

Strength of Quality Control

  • Access control laboratory.
  • EU compliance and sophisticated analytical machines - ICP spectrophotometer, HPLC, GC and AAS.
  • Analytical operation using lab solution software.
  • Analysis using pharmacopeial and validated method.
  • Good document practices with data integrity.
  • Trained and skilled staff with strong mutual respect.
  • Emergency equipment for accidental chemical expose, fire and minor injury.


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