Manufacturing facilities

Radiant Pharmaceuticals Limited

A renowned healthcare solution provider in Bangladesh


Radiant Pharmaceuticals Limited is a leading generic brand pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh established in October 2005 for non-beta lactam oral solid dosage formulation. Its manufacturing site is located at BSCIC Industrial Estate, Tongi, Gazipur, that is about 7 km away from the Hazrat Shahajalal airport, Dhaka. Radiant Pharmaceuticals Limited commenced manufacturing of medicines in 2008 with a view to making contributions to the promising pharmaceutical sector of Bangladesh. In 2009, Radiant Pharmaceuticals Limited started production of eight brand products under license agreement with F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., of Basel, Switzerland. Since then Radiant Pharmaceuticals Limited also manufactures its own brand product lines (Tablets, Capsules and Powder for Suspension). Radiant Pharmaceuticals manufactures its cephalosporin products and non-beta lactam parenteral preparations at toll manufacturing sites under agreement.

The Radiant manufacturing facilities at the plant include raw and packaging material warehouses, finished goods warehouses and sections for the manufacturing of tablets, capsules and powder for suspension. All testing of raw materials, packaging materials, intermediate and finished goods are done at the own Quality Control laboratory of the plant. Radiant Pharmaceuticals Limited has a full-fledged utilities and services section including purified water plant. Radiant plant is well equipped with necessary safety, emergency response equipment, intelligent addressable fire detection system and environment protection facilities such as HVAC system, Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP). Quality Assurance department serves as quality management tool for Radiant plant.

The Radiant manufacturing plant is managed by qualified personnel for production, quality assurance, quality control, product development, and engineering services, who have years of experience in leading multinational and national pharmaceutical industries. They are supported by a team of skilled and experienced technicians.

Radiant's policy is to manufacture products in compliance with GMP guidelines of World Health Organization (WHO) and local regulatory requirements to consistently meet high quality standards.


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